It’s a shooter heavy month for EU PS Plus content in May. Both Sine Mora and Velocity Ultra are yours for free if you have a PS Plus subscription and live in the EU.

More information on the May update for PS Plus can be seen here.

  • Excellent news! Been looking to play both.

  • aaaah sine mora, so jealous

  • almost bought Sine Mora, glad i waited

    • Jasper will wish he had…

      • JonofPDX

        I doubt he’ll mind TOO much 😉 .

        It’s a great game. Even if it comes to NA PS+, I won’t be too broken up to have paid for it 🙂

  • I suspected that Velocity would be launching on plus, like Thomas is this month. Heard a lot about Sine Mora too. It’s nice to see great titles continuing to come to plus and not just “filler” stuff.

    • Yeah day one releases on Plus are getting better. Not that it’s possible to have gotten any worse after the abysmal Chronovolt!

  • Rhys Hughes

    I’m really looking forward to Sine Mora, I’ve always wanted it after playing the demo but felt it was priced too high when I could pick it up for about £2 on Steam in regular sales.

  • Buckybuckster

    Glad the EU is finally getting Sine Mora. Best shoot ’em up for the Vita so far. It represents the bullethell sub genre well with its graphical style, smooth gamplay, and the fear resulting from having bullets occupy every inch of the playfield.

    Flying in the face of the placeholder storylines that shoot ’em ups are generally infamous for, Sine serves up a tale that is complex, dark, engrossing, and VERY adult. Not one for the kids to be sure! It can be quite brutal at times.

    Speaking of brutal, if you can snag all of the trophies in this game, you have the gaming skills of a God and them some! Sine Mora has got to be one of the toughest games to earn them. If memory serves me correctly there’s only 12. But they require you to fulfill multiple conditions in order to be awarded the hardware . A large chunk of these are so hard or consume so much time, they would individually give you a silver or gold trophy in any other game!

    And the EU gets to experience all of this torture for free! : ) I had to shell out $10. But it was well worth it. I’m sure you blokes across the pond will enjoy it as well.