According to both Facebook and PlayStation Lifestyle, Drinkbox Studios is planning on releasing DLC for Guacamelee soon.

According to a post on their Facebook page they are not only planning one, but multiple DLC packs. Featured in these packs is expected to be things that couldn’t make it into the game in time for release, and some other special goodies. Pack #1 is being worked on now, but more are slated to come. A solid number or price hasn’t been thrown around, so here’s hoping DLC is both plentiful and cheap.

Back to Guacamelee now, I still haven’t had time to get that platinum…



  • Buckybuckster

    While I haven’t completed the game yet (far to many games I’m playing simultaneously ), it’s nice to know a game as fun as this one will be heading into extra innings once the main quest is finito.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I agree, it’s almost too good NOT to have more via DLC.

  • Excellent news! Well, it will be when I get past Javier. 🙁

  • Rhys Hughes

    Fantastic. I just need to carry on playing it now after Soul Sacrifice derailed me.

  • Anthony Brinklow