One more trilogy for a full house!

OK, so it hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the ESRB has rated the Sly Collection for the Vita here.

While it hasn’t been officially announced this is exactly what happened with the Jak and Daxter Trilogy which is headed to us this June. Now all we need is the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy and we’ll have the three classic platformer trilogies of the PS2 era on the go.

Because of the nature of the cell shaded graphics, the Sly Collection looked not too far off this gen when it comes to graphics when it was released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series in 2010. I’m sure the Vita version will looking quite spiffing on the Vita’s shiny 5″ OLED.

We will give you more concrete news as we have it.


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  • Would be awesome to have all 9 games on the Vita

    • Hopefully it’s coming. I think Sly 4 is probably what got the ball rolling. I believe it’s done well on the Vita.

      • I think they’ll have to compromise the outlines around the characters like 4. The Collection is 17+GB.

        • JonofPDX

          That’s interesting–I wouldn’t have thought it would be that much. That seems like a lot to cut to get it down under 4gbs. I thought Sony had a policy not to release anything over 4gbs because of the cards.

          • I think the max is MGS. And that’s very big in size.

        • Anthony Brinklow

          The Jak collection is the ps2 games, not the HD collection released on ps3. I imagine the situation will be the same here with the original ps2 games being ported rather than the HD collection.

  • hmm, curious it will be cross-save compatible.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    A definite pre-order. Never played these games during the ps2 time but I am loving Sly 4.