Is the Vita ready for blood? reported that the newest entry of the Corpse Party series will be heading to the PSVita this year. The newest game will be called Blood Drive and will play out in the Heavenly Host Elementary School. Story

Are the terrible events that occurred in the Shinozaki family, home to both Yoshie and Sachiko, an omen of a new tragedy? After Sachiko’s departure, Heavenly Host was thought to have collapsed. However, because of a master of a greater power, the power of its curse has expanded. Finally, the countless mysteries surrounding Heavenly Host Elementary School will be revealed.  Will it be possible to bring back the friends cruelly killed within the school…?!

The game will be released later this year and a Localization is more then likely since all prior titles were translated by XSEED as well. ImageBanana - wdn0CdB.jpg

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  • SOLD!!!

  • Buckybuckster

    XSeed will bring this over for sure.

  • Vince Harris

    Maybe this one will actually make it to the Australian store, unlike the previous ones in the series… ):