Our good friend Laurent Mercure from Frima Studio has gifted me with a review copy of Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge for PSVitaGamer, and some extras to share with you!

As such, I’ve decided to give them out all night at different places on the internet. That’s right; you can possibly win a copy of Zombie Tycoon 2 a full week before the release… and there’s more than one chance to win!

Here’s a bit about the game;

Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is a PlayStation Vita (and PS3) game releasing on April 30th in North America (and May 1st in Europe/Asia). In this unique take on an RTS game you’ve got two zombie packs, a mobile base and a monster at your beck and call – each controlled using a different symbol button on the controller.

Zombie packs consist of five of Tycoon’s shambling zombies or ten of Brainhov’s feral zombies; their attributes vary, depending on their zombie type. There’s a total of six zombie types that you unlock by capturing specific buildings, and each has unique characteristics.

Your mobile base is where your scientist is hiding. If it’s destroyed, the game is over. It’s not defenseless, though. When it’s not burning rubber, it’s armed with a powerful machine gun! This mobile base also doubles as a zombie spawn-point. If any of your zombies die within the base’s operating range (or if one your zombie squads is entirely decimated outside of that range), your mobile base starts spitting out new zombies.

There are four monsters in ZT2, each having one passive skill and four active skills enabled. Just like heroes, monsters unlock these abilities by killing enemy zombies and monsters and leveling up. In multiplayer matches, each player picks his monster before the game starts. In game, you control your monster’s movements using the X button and trigger its abilities with the directional buttons.

There’ll be more information on the game in the upcoming days, but until then here’s how to win your own copy;


  1. You must complete the task asked of you in full.
  2. You must only comment below ONCE.
  3. You must have a North American PSN account (EU codes not yet available)

To win the code for The Vita Lounge just post below telling us what your favourite indie game is and why. Also include your PSN ID, as that’s where the code will be sent if you win.

Only entries filling these requirements will go into the random draw, which will be done by post number in a random number generator.

Good luck, and the code for this location will be given out at 10 PM EDT.

Other locations you could win:
PSVitaForum.com, PSVitaGamer.net, and  following @psvitagamer on Twitter

Edit: The winner for The Vita Lounge is Devin Hudson, but there is still a chance to win by following  @psvitagamer on Twitter between now and midnight EDT!

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  • Kevin Warren

    At the moment, my favorite indie game is Castle Crashers (I know, I’m a little late to the party.) I heard about it at release but never got around to buying it. I’m a huge fan of side-scrollers so I pretty much knew I would enjoy playing it. Once I started playing though, it really reminded me of TMNT: Turtles in Time, which was one of my favorite child hood games, and that is what had me hooked. I also love the array of different weapons that you can collect and I’m currently losing sleep trying to unlock them all. Anyway, hope I get lucky! Zombie Tycoon 2 looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen thus far! My PSN ID is “kWarr10r”

  • i enjoyed journey if it qualifies for an indie dev… such a unique and amazing gameplay. i so wanna win 😀 psn id:fardeenah

  • LornHg

    I have to specify though that the codes will be working once the store updates today.

    • Unless it was like last week, the store should have updated before the competition closes! 😛 Cheers Laurent!

      • LornHg

        You speak the truth Paul

        • Kyle Wakeling

          …and luckily the store has been updated. I’ve got my copy on my Vita as we speak. =D

  • Elvin almendarez

    My fav indie game would be terraria since id been spendin soo many hours on it this game give you freedom to do or built anythin u want in a 2d platform , cant wait for it to come out on the vita , havin it on the go would b amazin and my PSN is :sk8punk3lvin .

  • My favorite indie game is Hamilton’s Great Adventure, an awesome co-op puzzle game with a nice little fun story.

    PSN ID is RockgamerXIII

  • My favorite indie game is Knytt Underground. The gameplay is very interesting, the map is huge and it is full of secrets, I even finished the game without getting a single trophy! PSN ID: JeffsonP_US

  • disqus_4p0PABf2pr

    Up until 2 weeks ago, my favorite indie game would’ve been Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. But now, the title goes to Guacamelee! DrinkBox makes really great games that fit perfectly on the Vita.

    PSN ID: Mean_Mistreater

  • My favorite indie game is : Alien Zombie Megadeath I spent thousands of hours to master it and beat level 32 alpha and 24 alpha, until I got 284 medals, I was the first in the world to do 100% on that game, and basically I really wanted to beat it, and now even after having it beaten I still continue to play it because I love shooters, that’s my story about my favorite indie game of all time.

    My psn id: elrimen

  • Clark

    I hope I am still eligible for this contest 😀 I am wanderingwaste (also my PSN ID) from PSVita forums, and I got late there. Well, I love video games , or my love for video games simply can’t be described in words. It’s just that I love holding a handheld or a controller, and pressing the buttons, the screen responding to my commands. When I play video games, I seem to like everything, even if it’s a barbie game, a baseball game or even a kindergarten-themed game.

  • Relytgninroht

    Hmmm… Favorite indie game. That’s actually pretty hard. I can’t even decide on my all time favorite game. I’d have to say it’s between Journey, Cave Story, and Terraria. Journey, simply because it is both one of the most beautiful and innovative games I’ve played. Terraria, because it somehow manages to combine Metroidvania and Minecraft style gameplay, and is very easy to sink a lot of time into. Cave Story, because no matter how many times I’ve played it, it hasn’t gotten old- it’s just so charming, with fun gameplay, a great soundtrack, and art.

    PSN ID: rthorning

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Sorting by oldest, and ignoring irrelevant posts, I’ve numbered you 1-9.
    Random.org generated;http://s21.postimg.org/d366x7rs7/Code_3.png

    #4 wins, and #4 is Devin Hudson. Congrats, and check your inbox in the next few minutes.

    There’s still one more code going out on my twitter; @psvitagamer between now and midnight EDT.

    • Awesome! I’ve been playing the first game on my Vita, so now I can jump right into the sequel once I finish. Thanks!

      • Kyle Wakeling

        You’re quite welcome. Also there will be a multiplayer event sometime this week. We’ll contact you with details.

      • Buckybuckster

        Congrats Devin! Be sure to give us your impressions on the game. Looking forward to next week so I can pick it up myself. I know the contest is over, but for the record, my fave indies for the Vita are Guacamelee, Mutant blobs, and Nun Attack.

  • Kevin Warren

    Congratulations Devin! I was hoping to win myself, but, win some lose some, right? Hope you enjoy the game!

  • Thanks for the congrats everybody!

    I just finished the original Zombie Tycoon yesterday, and now I’ve started on ZT2. I’ve only played the first chapter so far, but I’m really loving it. It feels like a bigger, badder version of the first game on overdrive. I’ve only scratched the surface (the first chapter is more of a tutorial), but I can definitely tell that the game has a lot of depth to it. It can almost seem a bit daunting at first (well for me anyway, as someone who doesn’t really play RTS games), but the game guides you through it well and I ended up feeling comfortable with it pretty quickly (I played the first chapter three times in total, so I could get more familiar with it and to get a 5 brain rating on it).

    I’m going to play some more soon, but so far it’s definitely great. Once again Frima has not let me down!