A new name and a new platform are coming for Stealth Bastard;┬áit sheds its name for Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark, but keeps all the good stuff when it hits the PSVita (and PS3) this Summer.

As Paul reported back in early April, Stealth Bastard is indeed coming to the PSVita this Summer and under a new name.

The search for a new moniker is over, as two submissions “Stealth Inc.” and “A Clone in the Dark” were chosen and merged into the new title. Other than the platform and the name however, the game should remain fairly unchanged in the core aspects; though since it’s appearing on both the PSVita and PS3 we’re hoping that means some sort of trophy support.


Source; PSBlog

  • Buckybuckster

    Wonder if both winning entries were awarded Vitas? Nice name although I still prefer the original! : )

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I believe they got their name in the credits, a copy of the game and a Vita each. I think that’s an awesome prize. =D

  • Rhys Hughes

    This looks like a cool little game, I prefer the original title as well though!