A new puzzler stomps onto the Vita with Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery.

In this game, you get to sport the badge-emblazoned sash of Jacob, a young boy scout who has just arrived at Camp Eagle. Instead of spending his time playing with his fellow camp-mates, though, Jacob seeks solitude in the wilderness. It is there he stumbles upon old Sasquatch himself, the legendary man-beast Bigfoot.

Created by the folks over at Lucid, and built using the Unreal Engine 3, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is, at its heart, a puzzler. As Jacob explores the forest surrounding him, he will stumble across mini-conundrums that he must solve in order to advance.

Though the dev hasn’t revealed any of the puzzle mechanics in detail yet, the screenshot above centres on a tile-arranging logic problem. We suspect that Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery will be FULL of micro-puzzles like this. Luckily, the team has promised to reveal more information about the game in the next couple of weeks.

Another new indie IP, who would’ve guessed? We’ll keep you updated on the game as news releases.


Source: EU PlayStation Blog (Removed)

  • Buckybuckster

    This game seems to have alot of promise. Maybe another must have indie.
    It it me or do the graphics remind you of Tearaway only more detailed? Speaking of MM games, I get a LBP vibe from the visuals too.

  • Liking these “indie” games in the vita, seem to work better on it than the PS3, just a shame they don’t get advertised to try and push vita sales

  • Dusean17

    I have no idea what’s going on! xD