ESRB ratings again.Previously, the PS2 Grand Theft Auto games were released as PS2 classics on the PS3. No announcements of Vita releases have been made for those games, but the first two top-down GTA games (previously released on PSOne) have been listed by the ESRB. The two titles were released for free on PC as ‘RockStar classics‘ earlier. The rumour seems likely in light of earlier Vita port reveals via the ESRB.

  • Would be a great fit for Vita…

  • JonofPDX

    Could be a lot of fun but if it’s just what we can get for free on PC they may have problems shifting units (or, more likely, downloads). Hoping it plays up the nostalgia factor and includes GTA London. Would also love to see a full selection of developer commentaries and behind the scenes vids.

    There was actually a fan-made mod for Doom that played developer commentary audio taken from other sources as you progressed through certain points in the game. Would love to see that option enabled for the original GTA and GTAL.

  • Scisca

    I’m hoping for trophies. Would pick it up on Vita for sure. I think they should remake all GTA games for Vita with trophies and maybe improve the graphics a bit in GTA 3, VC, SA and Stories. HD versions and trophies on the go would be hard to resist!

  • Buckybuckster

    Would be cool for the Vita. Had totally forgotten about Wild Metal! That was a N64 game right?

    • I have no idea, I just liked that picture and I couldn’t find one with only GTA 1 and 2 in it 😛

  • Prob PSone Classics.

  • Avioto

    Would love to play GTA 1&2 for the Vita.
    I hope they will get a fair price though.

  • Kevin Warren

    Hope this happens. I used to play GTA 1&2 religiously when I was younger. I would love to pick these games up on my Vita and let nostalgia take me on a trip.