Since Valhalla Knights 3 will be released very soon in Japan, Marvelous AQL released brand new screens of important game areas.

Red Light District

It’s one of the most important areas of the game. Here you can find all the commercial facilities where you can get quest details, weapons or heal your character.

Sutakisu Guild

This place is always crowded and is the main hub to receive your quests. There are also some top notch girls … and you can obtain side story quests here as well.

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight33.jpg
ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight36.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight37.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight34.jpg

Happy Anatomy Clinic
This place is a very strange hospital inclusive with beautiful girls.
Here you can spend your money and that not just for first aid..

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight38.jpg

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight311.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight310.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight39.jpg

Bennett Shop

This is your number one place for armor and weaponry, but is also a good place for the latest rumors about special prices.

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight312.jpg

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight314.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight315.jpgImageBanana - 01valhallaknight313.jpg

The Bottom Layer

Deeper in the district, you will find more stages which are not so friendly.
This stages include a darkness mart, medical center with poisons, and other guilds; but here you can also find the meditation shop and the lottery item store – so it’s not all bad.

ImageBanana - 01valhallaknight316.jpg

An English version release date is currently unknown, but we’ll keep you posted as XSEED has promised to port it.






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  • Buckybuckster

    Thanx for the info Yuuki! The game looks better each time I see new screenshots for it. Can’t wait for Y’s too!