It’s been a week since Soul Sacrifice released in North America, and we’re here to remind you that even when you finish the game, it’s not over.

Beginning on May 28th, game owners will be able to download the Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack. This initial DLC pack contains two new bosses including Dullahan; the headless knight and Behemoth; a monstrous apple tree. The Goliath map will also be added – as well as new offerings, eight new missions, and Augmented Reality support.

On June 11th, the second (slightly more minimalistic) A Drunk and a Chef pack will be released. This one will feature the Dwarf and Ogre boss characters, and eight new missions to try. No magic or extras here, but still a great pack to extend the game.

Lastly, on June 25 Wild Wheels and Apparition will be dropped. This pack will include the Ouroboros and Wraith bosses, eight new missions and new “Angelus” magic. These bosses are not pictured in the DLC image above, and we’re not sure what “Angelus” magic means specifically.

Subtracting the four characters from the DLC image above, plus Ouroboros and Wraith (not drawn into their shadows) that means there are seven bosses yet to be shown (the remaining shadows). It’s unknown whether they will be paid DLC, or free like these first sets – but we’ll keep you informed.


  • Anthony Brinklow

    Wow! That’s really awesome news. Thanks TVL. Hopefully they will hit EU the day after.

    The fact all of the above is coming for free (fingers crossed to EU as well) is a great gesture from the developers and I will support any future paid-for DLC to thank them for these packs.

    I absolutely love SS so far and it seems this site is one of the only ones online to review it fairly and give it the score it deserves. It’s so deep and the lore is just amazing. The online also works perfectly which is the first on a Vita game for me.

    13 bosses added to the game after release is more than I expected. If the DLC is popular we might get even more.