A crowdfunded title on the Vita!
C-Wars, a roguelike, cyberpunk retro RTS with ARPG influences (whew, that’s a mouthful) is a Kickstarter project by Chinese/Canadian studio Onipunks. If the project would reach $32,000, a PC version would be made. One of the stretch goals (if more money than that $32,000 was raised) was a Nintendo 3DS and a PlayStation Vita version of the game. With just 3 days left of funding, this goal has been reached, and if everything turns out well, we’ll be seeing a Vita version of C-Wars. The game features an endearing retro pixel art style.

C-Wars is essentially a real-time, grid-based strategy game which is all about taking control of the battlefield. You do not only control your hero, but also back-up characters which can help you kill the enemies.

You are able to summon back-up characters to support your fight on blue blocks. Blue blocks are the blocks which you have gained control over. During the battle, there is a constant struggle over these tiles.

The back-ups are summoned soldiers. They will attack on their own, but you can give them orders in real time. You are also responsible for their lives.

The combat system looks quite frantic, but you can pause the game to take a breather whenever you want.

The developers have also provided backers with information on how the story will play out. There will be multiple different routes, and your decisions and victories will decide whether you save the world or not.

A global nuclear war reset humankind, and Luna base became the final outpost of civilization. 150 years later, Alpha, the largest Luna city, was infected by Crystal mutants. Despite all the precautions taken, the infection broke the quarantine barrier and hit Delta City.

Luna Council decided to use tactical nuclear weapons to terminate the two cites. You, as Sector 7’s field commander, must enter these infected areas and find out the truth before it’s too late. Your decisions in the game will determine Luna’s fate.

You can cooperate with LDF to set up tactical nuclear bombs and wipe out the infected people…but many innocent lives will be lost in the process.

Eliminate Cyber-Lover, the mafia army, to steal their research on the Crystal Clan…but you can’t unveil the dark truth behind this outbreak yet.

Or, you could choose the hardest option: fight your way out to reach the core of Alpha City, retrieve the fatal data from the old Sector 6 Research facility, and convince the Council to stop their termination.

Luna’s fate depends on you, our final hope.

Now, go, save mankind!

For more information, check out the official Kickstarter page or Onipunks’ website. You can also download the PC alpha version here.

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  • Yuuki

    looks very interesting, thanks for the post.

  • Josuey_de_PR1

    sigh* i just want real games

    • Yuuki

      its a real game

    • What qualifies as a “real” game to you?

      Big name/Big budget/Big visuals?

  • Wrestling_God

    We are having an indie games galore as of late.

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks good! I’m a big fan of the old school sprite artwork. Glad that they were able to get the Vita version funded.

  • HassanJamal

    I’d gladly buy a copy. Need something like advanced wars on my vita 😀

    • I’ve always been more of a Fire Emblem person, but Advance Wars was great and this does remind me of it a little. It’s very different though, seeing that it’s not turn-based and doesn’t really seem to have maps.

      • HassanJamal

        Oh, it doesnt play like AW? Oh well, at least it looks nice and really reminds me of that game.

  • JonofPDX

    Interesting, but probably not for me. Like the vibrant art-style but not my genre.

  • rikukey2

    It kind of remind me of megaman battle network

  • This is a very interesting title and I really like the art style, very much in the style of Mega man/Advance Wars. Will be keeping a close eye on this and hope it does make it to the Vita.