More free DLC for Soul Sacrifice announced…

Building on the news from the 7th regarding the first three DLC packs, another free pack has been announced. This pack is slated to be released May 16th in Japan, and will feature the Basilisk and the Troll;

The Basilisk was originally a blind man who desired to see the woman he loved; his wish turned him into a monster with eyes on its wings and the power of flight. The Troll was once a respected knight, but fame is sadly fleeting. This monster has Herculean strength, can heal itself, and harbors a foul odor.


More to come soon, I expect!



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  • Awesome. Thanks for the update!

  • More DLC = happy Murphy. Hope we get new trophies too!

  • It’s good that yet another pack has been released as free dlc!

  • Rhys Hughes

    This game and the support it’s getting is nothing short of stellar. I hope Sony are paying attention as this is the effort and level of recognition a lot of their titles so badly deserve.

  • Guessin this isn’t R1 because nothing was released on May 16th 🙁