Another day, another indie…

Coconut Dodge has an impressive history. Originally a PSP Mini, it was so successful and so addictive that it has been ported to several other consoles, including EA themselves publishing a mobile version and Marmalade publishing a tablet version.

Simple in concept, you play a crab who has to dodge coconuts and collect treasure. The concept does throw things into the mix such as bouncing balls for bonus points, but ultimately this is a high score chaser in its truest form, with a one-more-go like addictive quality as seen in modern classics such as Doodle Jump and Jetpack Joyride.

You won’t have to wait long either, as it’s been announced to be free for Plus subscribers on 5th June. No concrete word on pricing other than that, but being a Futurlab title you can bet the pricing won’t hurt your wallet.

More news including an interview here.

A trailer of the original Minis title is below.