This week’s PSN update offers a few small gems, and PS+ members can now grab Knytt Underground for free.

Jacob Jones and Star Wars pinball round out the releases this week…

PSVita Game Releases:

  • Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery – ($2.99)
  • Star Wars Pinball – ($9.99)

PS+ Instant Game Collection:

  • Knytt Underground (PS3 & PS Vita)

PSVita Demos:

  • Star Wars Pinball

PSVita Add-ons:

– Sound Shapes

  • 80s Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Dubstep Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Buckybuckster

    Somewhat of a snoozer of a week. Will most likely pick up Knytt tho.

    I would really like to see some new games added to plus to replace Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush. It’s not that they are bad games, but they’ve had a long enough run and I feel it’s high time for some new blood. Add Ridge Racer as a freebie. It would finally be worth the price LOL! Thanx for the update Kyle!