Let’s hope the big hitters come flying in!

Next month is really starting to look like a big one for Vita owners, with some potentially big reveals. Shahid Kamal tweeted the following last week:


He later clarified he wasn’t referring to an indie title, claiming that he meant “hooked for hours a day”.

Today Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner tweeted the following, furthering the potential hype for E3:


What games would you like to see? I have to admit at being a little disappointed yesterday’s reveal by Polyphony Digital…I was really hoping for a Gran Turismo title on Vita. E3 runs from 11th to 13th June so whatever happens we don’t have long to wait!


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  • I really hope so. Sony can’t really afford another non-Vita showing in their conference. The Vita did have a bit of floor space last year but people assume it didn’t due to basically no mention of it in their slot.

    This year’s Sony show will be dominated by the PS4 so the Vita needs something special to take some headlines.