If you’re as old as I am you may remember it…

Although I was a Sega child (my first consoles were the Master System and Megadrive), those of you who owned as SNES may remember a title released in 1994 called Putty Squad.

System 3, the developers hit 30 years old this year, and as a result they’re modernising and remoulding their title. The game was originally set for release on the Amiga and was given very positive scores, but ultimately it never happened until being released on the SNES.

The updated version for Vita uses the code from the original Amiga title with modernised graphics. It’s a 2D platformer and given the nature of Putty, he can inflate, punch, stretch and do all manner of things in order to get through levels. No release date has yet been given but you can check out the screenshots for an idea on what to expect.




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  • Yuuki

    thank you!
    i remember that game for my childhood and i loved it^^

  • Toploader

    I could have sworn I had this on my Amiga, called Silly Putty though I think, seems like the same game.

  • Buckybuckster

    A good old fashioned 2D platformer sounds right up my alley!