It’s about blooming time!

Ratchet fans, the wait is nearly over! Many of you will remember Ratchet & Clank: QForce, the cross-buy title that was supposed to release on PS3 and Vita on the same day, quite some time ago.

Only the PS3 game released, and Sony were silent on the Vita version (handled by Tin Giant instead of Insomniac) and people began to fear the worst. Many thought it was cancelled until nearly a week after it should have finally been released, Sony finally put to bed rumours that the game was cancelled, saying it’s taking a little longer than possible but would be available soon.

What they really should have said is “a lot” later! As a result of the now several months of delays (the game was released on PS3 last November) Sony has even offered free games to users who bought the PS3 version. Us Vita users are just happy the game is FINALLY here next week. Right?


  • I hope it has had whatever polish they felt it needed rectified…

  • Kyle Wakeling

    It’s finally coming?
    I think I might wait on this one; if it needed that much polish, it might just be a polished turd. lol

  • Josuey_de_PR1

    better have good framerate