Two weeks earlier in the EU and a week in NA. Two pre-order offers listed!

“Come at me bro” was the rallying cry when Rockstar announced that GTA V would release on the same day that Killzone Mercenary was confirmed to ship.

This all changed yesterday with the announcements on the EU and NA blogs, whih will see the game launch in Europe on September 4th (6th in the UK) and September 10th in North America. Common sense has prevailed! I have every confidence in the title from what we have seen – but I still think that the majority of the gaming public woud have chosen Rockstar’s iconic title if forced to. Now Killzone gets in first. We were also treated to a new trailer.

That’s not all. We were also told of two pre-order incentives for the game. The first offers you double experience points for the 48 hours following activation. This applies to contracts,bonueses and payoffs in single player and multiplayer. You will also benefit from an additional cash boost to purchase weapons.


The second choice for you is the ISA M224-A1 Light Machine Gun, with plenty of ammo “to get the job done”.


Of the two pre-orders which do you like the look of best? We currently don’t know who will be offering the offers and will let you know when we do. I might be going for option 1 to be honest.

  • Not often a release date comes forward. Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait for the release of this, got it on pre-order with ShopTo, I’ll get the Blackjack briefcase pack I believe 🙂

    • Game seem to have the LMG as an exclusive and they have the Briefcase offer too but they are £10 higher than Shop To, who have the Briefcase and under £30.

      Game –

      ShopTo –

      • I was always more of a Helghast fan so the StA-3 would be of more interest to me

  • Rhys Hughes

    LMG pack for me, but if it’s an extra £10 because GAME have it as an exclusive I’ll settle for the other one.

    • Game have both – but a gun isn’t worth £10 surely? 😛

      I’ll try my luck at getting some codes for a giveaway.

      • Rhys Hughes

        No way it’s worth £10! Shame as it appears to be exclusive only to them.