And tomorrow in Europe. Well worth “splashing out” for.

Rhys wrapped his hands around this over the last week and found it quite entertaining, and once the stores update in NA and EU you too will be able to get a feel for it. If you don’t know what it is about then have a read of the review and/or watch the trailer!

Pricing is set at £1.99 / €2.49 / $1.99 with a further 50% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the first month – which makes it quite a bargain.

The game is published by Ripstone and was developed by Sawfly Studios and the key features are:

  • • Clean up in 7 challenging locations – from country pub to night club
  • • Meet 20 different patrons with unique characteristics
  • • Earn trophies by completing in-game objectives
  • • Achieve high scores by following the unwritten rules of Men’s Room etiquette
  • • Blitz mode to test your fingers and your nerve

Will you be getting your hands wet with this one?