An artist’s website suggests so.

We are a bit starved of shooters on the Vita, this is not new information – but we do have Killzone Mercenary on the way and we could also have a new Medal of Honor too.

The image below was found on Alex Carigi’s website with other art images and it features not only the PS Vita logo but also that of Slant Six Games.


Slant Six are no strangers to shooters having previously worked on three titles in the SOCOM franchise – two for the PSP so it does seem entirely reasonable for them to be involved with a project like this.

What do you think?

Source – Region PlayStation (translated)

  • Barry Newton

    OMG!!! Please let it be a socom confrontation with a MOH name

  • Always found the console MoH’s to be generic crap, but it wouldn’t be bad for the shooter fanatics amongst us, I guess.

    • MoH wasn’t total crap then again I only played the first one but I found it to be a very decent shooter.

      • Barry Newton

        I’m hoping the game will be like the psp versions! MOH heroes and socom ftb were both good games the mp was fun to play

      • The earlier ones were good. The newer ones bad.

        • I was actually talking about the reboot only, I like the older ones too but the first reboot I found to be pretty good.

          • JonofPDX

            I have to agree here–I quite liked the MoH reboot. It was a bit short for my taste and the narrative was a bit iffy (no worse than COD, but easier to see its cracks as it was less cluttered than COD) but I thought the shooting was solid and the gameplay variety was nice.

            Also struck a notably different balance between realism and fun, which was a nice change of pace if nothing else.

            Never played Warfighter, though, so it may well be crap.