A bit of back and forth on twitter with our favourite PSVita front-man has us thinking yes.

Everyone who follows the PSVita release scene knows that Shahid is the man when it comes to getting titles onto the PSVita. He has delivered many times in the past and is always hyping the Vita and its games on his own twitter account, out of the love of it all. A bit of back and forth between him and a certain developer has us thinking that a deal has been stuck once again, this time for GunSlugs to come to Vita.

Have a look at the evidence;

The developer of GunSlugs is @orangepascal on Twitter.


@orangepascal just signed an awesome agreement, which Shahid aided in.
He mentions GunSlugs.
Shahid posts on his personal Twitter account, to his followers (who know him to be post mainly Vita-related posts other than his own thoughts).

Sounds like GunSlugs on Vita to me, what do you think?

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  • Seems it! On another note Meganoid 1 & 2 with trophies would be epic!

  • Josuey_de_PR1

    dont care about this just more shitty phone games