It will be listed in the store update, but here’s the low-down on pack #1 and the coming packs.

Soul Sacrifice was met with much praise in Japan and is being met with open arms as of the last month on the rest of the world, and already they’re starting to filter out some DLC for us. Japan got it first, but today (May 28th) the Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack comes to the rest of us.

Here’s more information regarding the pack and what’s coming next;

Beginning on May 28th, game owners will be able to download the Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack. This initial DLC pack contains two new bosses including Dullahan; the headless knight and Behemoth; a monstrous apple tree. The Goliath map will also be added – as well as new offerings, eight new missions, and Augmented Reality support.

This won’t be added the way that most regular DLC is, and instead will require a game update to add the new content. Open the Soul Sacrifice live-window on your PSVita and hit the refresh button (arrows in a circle) to load new game data and then the yellow arrow to download the update. Then you must ALSO download the content from the store (there are two downloads there as well).

Don’t forget, this is the first pack of many! Referencing our first write up on the subject, here’s the details of the next two packs;

On June 11th, the second (slightly more minimalistic) A Drunk and a Chef pack will be released. This one will feature the Dwarf and Ogre boss characters, and eight new missions to try. No magic or extras here, but still a great pack to extend the game.

On June 25 Wild Wheels and Apparition will be dropped. This pack will include the Ouroboros and Wraith bosses, eight new missions and new “Angelus” magic. These bosses are not pictured in the DLC image above, and we’re not sure what “Angelus” magic means specifically.

The next and final-known pack isn’t actually dated, and we only know about it because of its release in Japan earlier this month. The pack will feature the Basilisk and the Troll, and is as follows;

The Basilisk was originally a blind man who desired to see the woman he loved; his wish turned him into a monster with eyes on its wings and the power of flight. The Troll was once a respected knight, but fame is sadly fleeting. This monster has Herculean strength, can heal itself, and harbors a foul odor.

More information as it comes, as always!

  • josuey de pr

    Awsome cant wait I have so much work to do with SS

  • HassanJamal

    So most of these DLC is free? Or just the initial ones today?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      All the DLC announced so far will be free.

      • HassanJamal

        Ah ok, thanks for the info.