According to a list by IndieCade regarding their E3 showings.

Flower was originally released on February of ’09 exclusively on the PS3 via the PSN. The game was intended as a “spiritual successor” to Flow, a previous title by Thatgamecompany.

In Flower, the player controls the wind, blowing a flower petal through the air using the movement of the game controller. Flying close to flowers results in the player’s petal being followed by other flower petals. Approaching flowers may also have side-effects on the game world, such as bringing vibrant color to previously dead fields or activating stationary windmills. The game features no text or dialogue, forming a narrative arc primarily through visual representation and emotional cues.

A strange game, Flower makes its way to the PSVita soon, more details on the way.


  • JonofPDX

    I think this is a great fit for the Vita’s hardware features and control input options but…I have to say most of what I feel is just disappointment that Thatgamecompany is porting this instead of Journey.

    I mean, Flower’s good. I’m not saying otherwise…but Journey is just much, much better. Especially considering what Gravity Rush proved could be done w/ the controls.

    • Buckybuckster

      Yeah, I was banking on a Journey port also. I read somewhere that the reason given for the lack of a Vita port is their not wanting to revisit older games in lieu of pursuing new efforts.

      Seems to be a bit of a contradiction with them bringing over Flower as it’s even older territory than Journey.

      • JonofPDX

        I have a sneaking suspicion that they may have had this partially done (a tech demo, maybe?) and so it was pretty cheap/quick to finish. That, or there is something about the way Journey is coded that makes it harder to port than Flower.

        The only other thing I could think of was the lack of a persistent internet connection on the Vita for the coop (if you can call it that) but that doesn’t seem game breaking (especially when you consider what they could have done w/ the location functions in the Vita).

  • Josuey_de_PR1

    i absolutely knew that the whole “well be releasing more than 100 vita titles this year” was a load of bullshit, yeah right 93 indies, 4 third party games and 3 first party ones.

    • JonofPDX

      Not trying to start an argument here, but what were you expecting? I mean, Sony was NEVER going to publish more than 5-15 first and second party titles (maybe 3-5 of which would be full AAA) this year. They couldn’t even if they wanted to–they don’t have the cash-on-hand.

      And yeah, third party support for the Vita sucks, but that’s not really Sony’s fault (beyond their stupid pricing depressing the install base, I suppose). And while I would hope for more, it’s not really 4 games. I can think of 10 or 12 off the top of my head (though I’m not sure ALL of them will be localized) and I’m sure there are several I don’t know about.

      And yeah, better than half of that hundred IS probably indie–but that’s not a BAD thing. Lack of AA and AAA titles is a problem, sure, but the inclusion of Indies isn’t. They are separate issues. Indie support isn’t TAKING AWAY from larger titles, it’s just growing the library until (or while) larger titles are released.

      Again–I’m honestly not trying to start a comment-argument here. I’m just not sure what else people were expecting when they said 100 titles. I thought it was always pretty clear that the lions share would be indie and/or mobile. PS3 doesn’t even get 100 full titles in a year.