Put on your boxing gloves and start your training, sports fans!

The news avalanche continues as we get word that Real Boxing will be making its way to the Vita in just a few short months.

Real Boxing PS Vita style is indeed going to happen, according to Vivid Games. The group, known to be a developer of sports sim games, stated that Real Boxing will be coming to the PS Vita handheld platform in August 2013. Real Boxing, PS Vita edition, is powered by the popular Unreal Engine 3 and will take gamers on a journey to go from amateur to pro in what is promised to be one of the comprehensive sports games, much less boxing games, ever developed for a handheld console system.

Each boxer in Real Boxing PS Vita will be designed from the “laces up” to be as realistic as possible. Each fighter within Real Boxing has been motion captured inside the ring with every jab, punch and major upper-cut grabbed in “stunning definition” according to the game developer. The real-time deformation technology will portray a fighter’s facial injuries in gory details when playing Real Boxing. PS Vita owners will also be treated to bones that will crunch as punches connect, with sweaty mist and blood effects adding to the ambiance when playing Real Boxing PS Vita.

According to the source article, the game will feature intuitive controls that will leverage Vita’s physical and touch capabilities as well as offering a ton of single player, career and training modes so owners can perfect their boxing style and kick ass in a variety of ways. The game also offers a heavy set of customization options, so you can tailor your fighter to your personal taste.

Fans of punching people can start the wait for the August launch; just don’t punch out your Vita in anticipation!


  • josuey de pr

    Holy fuck!!!! im a die hard boxing fan who follows the sport dayly!!!!! This is fantastic news!!!!! I hope its as good as fight night!!!!!

  • Undrey

    Did anyone ask for this?

  • josuey de pr

    Ok just found out its a android game but who cares its a 3d game and looks good, this is great if sony can bring some android devs to vita it would be great be nice to have nova and modern combat ported to vita the way it should be played….with buttons

  • PixelKnot

    Could be an decent Fight Night substitute.

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks good! Hope the gameplay follows suit.

  • JoeCool

    One of the few fighting games I’d consider. I kind of grew tired of the other fighting games (MvC, MK, etc.) Looking forward to it!

  • Jaws

    The iOS version whilst pretty is an absolute mess. Crashes constantly. Proceed with caution, fellow Vita users..