Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that 100% of non-peripheral games will have remote play on the Vita.

It’s been long rumored, and words have been twisted and examined to great lengths; but now we have confirmation. One-hundred percent of PlayStation 4 games that don’t require a peripheral (Ie; Move, Camera, Buzz controllers, etc) will be playable on the PlayStation Vita with remote play.

This means that not only does the PSVita have its own unique library, but it can play all the standard PS4 games as well, effectively doubling (or tripling, as home consoles have more support) its playable games. This comes at a cost, of course; you’ll have to purchase a PlayStation 4 and games for it – but you were planning on doing that anyways, weren’t you?

Here’s the source quote;

yosp rplay



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  • Brilliant news!

  • JoeCool

    Brilliant?! MAGNIFICENT news!

  • Josuey_de_PR1


  • PixelKnot

    Can’t wait for the PS4.

  • Josuey_de_PR1

    hmmm that ps4 is really tempting me to get it at launch but i wont, ive already learned that lesson with my ps vita

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  • JonofPDX


    Has anyone heard anything about if third party studios are REQUIRED to include this functionality or if it’s actually baked in to the hardware? IGN News video is implying that while Sony is ASKING third-parties to include this it doesn’t appear to be mandatory.

    If that’s the case (and it’s not a feature in the hardware) then this may not be as far-reaching as we would like.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Talk around the watercooler is that Remote Play functionality must work in order for the game to get approved by Sony in the development process.

      This means that in order to get printing approval and final code signing, you must meet Remote Play requirements. That would make it pretty damn mandatory…

      • JonofPDX

        Awesome–thanks for the info. I wasn’t able to track down an answer that wasn’t a blind guess.

  • JoeCool

    This is has been the main reason why I will get a PS4. The fact that we can take the gaming on the go (where wifi is present) gives the Vita a bigger reason why I bought in the first place!

  • Rhys Hughes

    Well, my day 1 PS4 purchase just got confirmed. Damn!