New details surface for Exstetra; an action RPG from developer Furyu.


After an abrupt fuse with a parallel-universe, Tokyo had been mutated as part of the world called Amasia, which is on the brink of destruction. The residents of Amasia claim that the main character of the story, Ryoma Narusawa, is the “Prisma”; a savior who is destined to save their world from the brink of collapse. Thrust into a situation he didn’t ask for, Ryoma must find a way to defuse the worlds in order to bring things back to normal.

Exstetra is a game that involves having to kiss in order to save the world. It may sound a bit confusing to think about how an act of affection could possibly save anything other than your love life, but according to Famitsu, the main character has the ability to absorb energy called “Ex” from enemies. The Ex can then be used to perform different acts of miracles. One of them being, the ability to kiss his allies to awaken their powers.

Three of the revealed characters are as follows, in order of appearance in the picture;

  • Ryouma Narusawa: The protagonist and supposed “Prisma” – has amnesia.
  • Shiho Inaba: A 17 year old school girl, she was resurrected as a Knight of Prisma.
  • Masaru Mitarai: Another High-Schooler, and Knight of Prisma.

Triplet of heroes










The release date is currently set for October 17th, and we’ll of course keep you updated as more information surfaces.



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  • Buckybuckster

    Seriously looks cool. Hopefully the localization gods will smile kindly on this one!

  • MG7317

    Main character with amnesia and anime school girls. Why don’t they make more games like this?