The Game Atelier revealed theirĀ arcade-style shooter Flying Hamster HD is coming to the PSVita next week.

According to our friends over at Joystiq, The Game Atelier have announced that their arcade style shooter “Flying Hamster HD” is coming to the PSVita on June 11th in North America.

Inspired by Konami’s Parodius series, Flying Hamster HD is a horizontally scrolling shooter in which players battle squadrons of heavily harmed penguins, milk-squirting cows, and laser-equipped owls, among other unlikely enemies. The game originally launched for the PlayStation minis service in 2010, and later found its way to iOS platforms.

Flying Hamster will include online leaderboards and a collection of unlockable Trophies when it hits the PlayStation Network next week.

Here’s the launch trailer;


  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Wow…major delay. We’ve had it in the EU for ages now. I will have a review up soon.