Very little surprise….

Sony have just released their top ten for May 2013. Unsurprisingly, Soul Sacrifice takes the top spot, and rightly so. There have been lots of new entries this month too, including Farming Simulator! (Jasper Bekema you can stop laughing at me now!). The full list is below:

PS Vita games:

  1. Soul Sacrifice (5)
  2. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery (New)
  3. Machinarium (New)
  4. Farming Simulator (New)
  5. Guacamelee! (1)
  6. Nun Attack (New)
  7. Men’s Room Mayhem (New)
  8. Draw Slasher (9)
  9. Urban Trial Freestyle (2)
  10. Jetpack Joyride (RE)

The PS3, PS2 and PSOne lists can be found here.