It’s not an indie!

Malicious was released on PS3 just over a year ago to mixed opinion. Getting mixed reviews across the board but gaining somewhat of a cult following, Malicious Rebirth has been announced and while we don’t know when it will be with us yet, the title will be playable at E3 so hopefully we won’t be left waiting too long. The game is an action fighter with an emphasis on boss battles, and has a fantastic anime art style.

Criticism was aimed at the title for being confusing and having a bad camera, so hopefully the theme of new and improved titles on Vita will ring true here. Anto Yota from Alvion (the developers) has stated there will be more or less double the content of the PS3 version so it should keep us gamers busy for a while when it hits.

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  • Kyle Wakeling

    Wasn’t this already announced? It was in my personal list of confirmed games…

    • Yuuki

      i think so too.
      on the other hand i think i was only announced for usa before.

  • Buckybuckster

    I also thought it was previously confirmed. In any case, it’s nice to have an “offical” confirmation none the less. Looking forward to it!