We have many EU copies of Frima Studio’s zombie strategy title to win.

We rather liked Zombie Tycoon 2: Branhov’s Revenge when it was released at the start of May, which saw Austin award it 8/10. Mixing zombies with strategy was a masterstroke and it controls great and plays really well. If you are interested in finding out more about the game you can visit their website here.

Many of our US readers got to try this for free when it launched since it was available for free as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription and now we hope to give some of our EU readers a chance to play it.

Frima Studio have given us eight codes to give away to those with EU accounts and we thought we would make a few ways to win.

The easiest way is to simply retweet this tweet and make sure you are following us on Twitter and after the closing date we will select two people randomly from those that retweeted and as long as you follow, we will direct message you a code.

The second way you can win is through Facebook. We have another two codes available for those that “share” this post and “like” us on Facebook. Two people will be selected at random from those that do both actions.

Our third way of winning is for the more creative types. Using the newly released Paint Park Plus – which is free from the PSN store – we want you to draw us a Zombie themed picture with Paint Park. We will give three codes out to the three best entries, whih you can upload and share with us. Post your PSN ID and a link to your image (it must feature your PSN id so we know it’s you!) and we will choose the best.

Whatever way you choose to enter, we wish you the best of luck. The competition closes at 5pm GMT on Thursday 13th June and we will select the winners either randomly as specified or the three best Paint Park entries. This is for a EU PS Vita copy of Zombie Tycoon 2 so you will need a EU PSN otherwise it won’t work.

EDIT – We have removed the OPC forum entry method due to the rules on their website.

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  • Good luck everyone. Looking forward to seeing the paint plus entries!

  • Yuuki

    good luck from me too^^

  • JonofPDX

    Already have this myself but GOOD LUCK to everybody in the EU! It’s a great game.

  • LornHg

    Thanks to the team at The Vita Lounge!

  • Chris Boers

    Sorry folks, my creative abilities are very, VERY limited. Still here is my effort: http://i43.tinypic.com/fapx1t.jpg PSN-ID:chrisboers

    Doesn’t my dog look particuarly zombie-like and vicious, even without any paint job??

    Edit: may I point out that paintpark is impossible to write your PSN ID with? So I did that part with plain paint.

  • Lights

    Ok I started off trying to do a seriously drawing and after discovering how hard it was to draw properly on Paint Park I gave up shortly.

  • Since we only had two entries, both Lights and Chris are our winners! Well done and thanks for entering. Lights, your artwork in particular is quite amazing and must have been tricky!

    I have your both of your PSN IDs and I will send you the codes today guys. Thanks again!

    • Soma Jászberényi

      I entered too but i tweeted it for Vitalounge

  • Soma Jászberényi

    My entry again because you didn’t saw it
    PSN ID : rascheran