A new survival horror game to grace that pretty qHD screen soon.

Forgotten Memories is a survival horror game that’s been in in development for over a year. It started as an iOS project, but is now slated to be released on the PSVita (and Wii U)  this summer.

Here’s a few excerpts from their website;

Created by a young and ambitious team, this story-driven survival horror game uses the newest mobile technology. Forgotten Memories relates the horrific plot of a missing girl through the eyes of Inspector Rose Hawkins. The troublesome case leads her into the Walker psychiatric hospital, abandoned years ago for an obscure reason, where horrible things await. It is by confronting her own weaknesses and fears that it will be possible to get forward into this morbid adventure.

[The game] offers a unique mix between modern and classic survival horror genre, featuring a fear system at the core of the gameplay. Set with different characters and personalities, your teamwork will be often tested. Inspect and interact with your surroundings, protect your life, help your friends, escape danger, face or avoid horrible creatures, fight  monstrous bosses and solve twisted riddles and puzzles. Every experience is a different way to face this psychological adventure.

Personally, I’m in need of a good survival horror game on the Vita. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.


More information at the official site, or the source.

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  • Interesting depends on what type of gameplay there going for first person adventure type would be what I want, but I’ll have to wait and see! Thanks for news Kyle!

    • Wrestling_God

      The game is third person.

  • I love survival horrors….but they’ve lost their way in recent years. Hopefully this fress team will be able to revive the genre.

  • JoeCool

    This reminds me of Dementium The Ward for the DS.

    Should be good, I’ll check it out.

  • MiniMe

    Should be good…..I missed early survival horror games where you would go crazy just to solve a puzzle while trying to save your ammo for the big guys