A God Eater 2 demo is coming to Japan July 25th for PSVita, and the demo data will transfer to the full game.

Those waiting eagerly for God Eater 2 in Japan don’t have much longer to wait until they get a taste. The demo is slated for release on PSVita on July 25th and PSP on August 1st according to a Nico Nico broadcast.

According to Siliconera, […] the game will contain over 200 Blood Ats, which is twice the amount announced originally.

Changes over the original game include an improved attack speed for the Charge Spear, the Charge Crush ability of the Buster Blade has been changed to give it a “heavier” feel, and Wireless Message importance has been improved.

Operational customizations using Vita’s right stick and touch pad are currently being considered.

God Eater 2, the sequel to PSP RPG Gods Eater Burst, is slated for release in Japan later this year.

[youtube id=”hoXNc4Q5Ee4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sadly, no news on localization so unless you don’t have a Japanese account (a la moi), you’re out of luck for now.

Protip; Second accounts are a good use of the 4GB cards you got in the later bundles. 😉


  • I’d inagine it will reach the west at some point….as there seem to be a lot of fans. Looks like fun; I love killing things 🙂

  • Sorun

    “Operational customizations using Vita’s right stick and touch pad are currently being considered.”

    What does this mean exactly? Are they not using it for camera control already, or do they mean a sensitivity option as well as touch screen binding control?

    • Electric Penis

      It looks like there’s potential for them making a mind-bendingly moronic decision with the game.