A GameTrailers broadcast earlier this afternoon has revealed that the Destiny of Spirits will be a F2P RPG for PSVita.

We brought you news on Destiny of Spirits before but among that news was some rumour that it was connected to Bungie’s “Destiny” and a bunch of fake images. Needless to say, it got swept under the rug and nobody really gave it a second thought… until now.

Sony have revealed a brand new game – Destiny of Spirit – for the Vita exclusively through a GameTrailers broadcast.

It’s a free to play title and and appears to be a turn based tactical strategy game. There is very little information now, aside from the short trailer which was shown, confirming that the game will release this year – we’re going to hear more later in Sony’s conference, according to Geoff Keighley.


We’ll keep you updated as information rolls in, but welcome to the start of the E3 posts 🙂


  • JonofPDX

    Looks interesting, if not something that blows me away. Big fan of the freemium model if it’s done right, so I have high hopes there.