The top-down PS3 zombie epic is coming to the PlayStation Vita in the near future.

Sony has revealed during their E3 press conference that Dead Nation will be ported to the PSVita.

Dead Nation is a top-down shoot ’em up video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Finnish video game developer Housemarque. It takes place in a fictional world afflicted by a zombie apocalypse. The player can play as a male or female character and fight different types of zombies.

Players are awarded score multipliers and money when zombies are killed. Money is used to purchase and upgrade weapons on checkpoints, and multipliers to grant better scores. Each time players are hit, they lose multipliers and health. Players fight their way through ten levels, using weapon shops that allow weapon upgrading and armor swapping. During the levels, players can find boxes that hold ammunition, multipliers, money, or armor pieces, and also loot cars trunks for money. If a car is blown up before being looted, though, the loot is lost. At times the players are trapped in areas where they must survive until they have accomplished a certain goal (ie; wait for an elevator while fighting zombies or kill all zombies in the area). Armor sets influence strength, endurance and agility.

Zombies are attracted by flares, car alarms, grenades, mines, and vending machines. Zombies can be killed by environmental hazards which the player can use to their advantage. Players will encounter a variety of zombies. Players can use a melee and rush attack against zombies, as well as a variety of weaponry.

The metagame allows players to follow their country’s progress in relation to other countries, as well as local leaderboards. Using the PlayStation Network, players are grouped with other players from their country. When a country is rid of zombies, a new infection cycle begins. Multiplayer can be done locally or online for two players.

No news on a date yet, but welcome news as E3 kicks off in LA.

  • JonofPDX

    I hadn’t given this one too much thought but having played the PS3 version it does seem like it would be a good fit for the Vita…as long as it’s priced right.

  • diabloNL

    This looks quite nice. I love zombies. I mean, love to blow their brains out that is.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    This game is like Project Zomboid or just about killing zombies?

    • JonofPDX

      Well, I’d never heard of Project Zomboid until I just googled it so I’m no expert but I would say NO, it doesn’t appear to be similar. That being said, the PS3 edition of the game was quite fun and I can see this being an even better fit for the Vita.

      Basically, the game is a (slightly tongue in cheek) coop where you and some friends assume the roles of some very stereo-typically wise-cracking survivors and kill waves of zombies while navigating from point A to points B in some fairly linear maps. It’s very arcady in feel w/ each character having a specialized power and frequent temporary power-ups being found throughout the levels.

      Personally I am fairly excited for this. The touchscreen just seems like a great way to deploy special powers and pick up powerups.