Gaikai cloud gaming is coming to the PSVita (along with the PS3 and PS4) in 2014.

Beginning with the US, in 2014 the Gaikai cloud gaming service will be available for the PSVita, streaming PS3 games directly to your PSVita with no middle man.┬áDetails are scarce on the roll out of this service as it has just been announced via Sony’s E3 press conference.

As always we’ll keep you updated as we learn more information.


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  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Damn. I sold my ps3 because I never got to play it as we watch TV in the evenings. Still, looks like I’ll need to get a ps3 and ps4 now! The Last Of Us, Dark Souls and GTA5 and GT6 on Vita as well as next gen. Awesome! On another note, sorry I didn’t post more. I fell asleep and they’d only talked about ps vita a tiny bit and were banging on about ps4 all the time. Looks like I missed the good stuff!

  • JonofPDX

    This feature is the one that most excited me, but it’s also the feature that’s most unclear as far as exactly how it will all work (and how well it will function over wifi).

  • NuclearKommando

    Its not about the function its more about video quality, basically its streaming a video of the game and you sending commands to the computer hosting the screen.