Leapfrogging onto your Vita this July/August.

Due for release later this year, some of you may remember Superfrog. Released on the Amiga way back in 1993 I never got the chance to play the game myself but the HD update of this game is looking mighty fine.

Bethany Ashton told DigitalSpy:

“There are a lot of people we’ve spoke to who have really fond memories of the original, but they never really got past the first world, they never got too far into it. It was just a lot harder back then, I think.”

And so as a result of this each of the game’s 24 levels has been tweaked and altered to make things fairer and a little more current-gen (you may remember games of yesteryear as really, really tough experiences). Classic maps will still be available and can be unlocked via fruit machines and a level editor has also been included which will be exclusive to the Vita and PS3 versions (the game also launches on PC).

Sharing the love even further, the game will be cross-buy and even has a Cross Controller mode where the Vita acts as a map to unveil hidden areas; should you be lucky enough to own both.

The Superfrog HD will be released later this year and if you’re green with excitement and can’t wait to leap in (sorry) you can check out the screenshots below.

gaming-superfrog-factoryfailure gaming-superfrog-historylesson1 gaming-superfrog-magicwoods1 gaming-superfrog-spookyhouse2

  • Jacob Thomas

    Wow it looks terrific – I can’t wait to play it on my Vita

  • Michael Rogers

    Great… now where is that Worms Vita game that you teased a few months back when this was first announced? 😀

  • NuclearKommando

    I have a feeling this game will be like little big planet where you can create levels, we need more open world and sandbox games for the vita !

  • Buckybuckster

    As long as the quality is there, keep the platformers coming! Was this game released on the Amiga in the States? I can’t remember it.