Double Eleven are back with a vengeance just days after they officially split from Sony’s XDev team.

You want PizelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD? You’ve got it.

Double Eleven, the Durham studio that’s worked on some of the Vita’s most critically acclaimed titles such as LittleBigPlanet and Limbo, is working with Q-Games on a new enhanced version of Pixel Junk Monsters for Sony’s handheld, with PC and Mac versions to follow shortly after.

Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD brings the warmly received 2008 PSN original to the Vita, compiling all of the additions and amendments that have been brought to Q-Games’ tower defence title while making improvements of its own. Add-ons such as the encore level pack are included, and touch controls have been implemented as well as a suite of unique PS Vita trophies.

There’s also mention of our favourite front man in the Vita push, who apparently helps these guys monetarily with getting their game onto the Vita;

There are also incentives working alongside Sony. “We work with Shahid [Ahmad, forefront of SCE’s indie push] in London, and to a certain extent if we go to Vita first we can get funding from Sony. We’ve got the code base so it’s easy for us to get the game running on it. Sony get a small exclusive window on it, so they’re happy, we get funded, so we’re happy. The exclusive window is only ever implied, and it’s never contractual. It’s always shorter than you could get another version out anyway.”

Good news for tower defense fans everywhere, the game will likely be out by the end of Summer.


  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    I LOVE this game. Definite purchase for me.

  • Buckybuckster

    I have the PSP ver. of the game. Very fun game to spend time with. Have to admit that most of the time, my towers needed more defending from me than the monsters LOL. Not my best genre to say the least! Still want the game ‘tho!

    Fingers crossed that PixleJunk Shooter HD is next on the agenda!