Atelier developer Gust is clearly loving Vita development!

With Atelier Totori Plus out of the gate and performing well and Atelier Meruru Plus out in Japan and headed to the West, Gust has just announced a new IP coming to the Playstation Vita by name of Chronos Materia. There’s no news on whether it’s a concrete exclusive and no release date but Dengeki magazine does lay out a few details.

The art direction and story of Chronos Materia will be light hearted and in-keeping with a similar tone to that of the Atelier series. The twist here is Gust are targeting replayability which RPG’s can often lack. There is a time-rewinding mechanic that will allow the player to go back and replay sections of the game including already beaten bosses. The mechanic is designed so that you can try different decisions to see their outcome which sounds similar to the mechanic found in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

One thing is known for certain: Gust know how to make a JRPG and have a unique approach not often seen in these serious, gritty gaming times. The prospect of rewinding time but keeping equipment and experience points is certainly an intriguing one and we will be sure to update you as more news comes available.


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