Drinkbox studios are following through on their promise to support Guacamelee with DLC; pack #1 is now in our hands and features a trio of “costumes” (as well as enabling Tostada on PSVita) and some trophies to accompany them. There’s no extra content as far as playable areas in this pack, but we’re hoping next pack will fulfill that need – they’ve already stated this won’t be the only one.

Now, this pack is actually called “Guacamelee! – Costume Pack 1” but the costumes seem almost like new playable characters than just skins. All the new characters have their own advantages, while some also have an accompanying disadvantage to counterbalance a massive stat increase. Tostada also has quite different melee attacks from Juan and her costume and now playable character reflect that.

2013-06-27-152836To change costumes you must visit the altar where you save, so you can’t change on the fly as you might have hoped. The addition of the new costumes (and Tostada for us PSVita players) has enabled a “costumes” option in the first menu of the altar; choose that to cycle through available options.

NewjuansThe first new costume available for Juan is the Pollo Luchador. This chicken-suit costume gives you health regeneration abilities but slows your stamina regeneration in return. You can also turn into an egg instead of a chicken when using pollo power – a corny joke, I assume. The other new costume for Juan is the Skeleton costume which gives you infinite stamina but negates the life-giving ability of red orbs.

tost2juanitaAside from these two new costumes for Juan, PSVita players are now offered the ability to switch to Tostada. This female counterpart of Juan’s has been available in the PS3 version of the game but is just now making the leap to the Vita version. Her abilities are high-flying kicks and street smarts (whatever that means). Tostada is also given a new costume under the guise of Juanita. This costume enables stronger punches and kicks, but cripples the distance on your throwing ability.

Also in the character change menu, it has been revealed that Juan’s abilities are bonus Charisma and a discount at Hernando’s – however the hell that’s supposed to help (haha).

Skin PackAside from the new costumes and character changing additions, the DLC also enables new trophy challenges. Three bronze (which can be gotten in about five minutes), two silver and a gold are added to the trophy count. The bronze are pretty much just for trying out the new characters while the silver and gold trophies require more time or effort. In my opinion the gold for using the Skeleton on the last-most arena in the Cavern is easily the hardest single task in the game other than hard mode.

While it’s true that this DLC adds a bit of replayability for trophy lovers or those who enjoy playing with new abilities, it might have actually been a better release when the game was fresh. I would’ve preferred to have had this choice from the start as now it seems like a ploy to get me to keep playing the game.

Even so, it seems to be working; off I go to 100% this one.


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