Another round of Soul Sacrifice DLC is coming July 18th, get ready; it could be an epic one.

We’ve had three packs so far, to remind you (or if you’ve recently picked up a PSVita or the game) they were as follows;

Beginning on May 28th, game owners were be able to download the Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack. This initial DLC pack contains two new bosses including Dullahan; the headless knight and Behemoth; a monstrous apple tree. The Goliath map was also added – as well as new offerings, eight new missions, and Augmented Reality support.

On June 11th, the second (slightly more minimalistic) A Drunk and a Chef pack was released. This one featured the Dwarf and Ogre boss characters, and eight new missions. No magic or extras here, but still a great pack to extend the game.

On June 25 the Wild Wheels and Apparition pack was dropped. This pack included the Ouroboros and Wraith bosses, eight new missions and a new “Angelus” Black Rite.

Now, though; we’ve got information on the next pack and it sounds like it might be a bit tougher than the last few.


Starting July 18th players will be able to download another DLC pack which includes two new boss battles. Get ready to fight Cert, God of Chaos and Romulus, God of Order. These two bosses are said to be Magusar/Levianthan level fights and are meant to add some harder tasks to the game play.


On July 4th however, Japanese players will be able to fight against a new monster called the Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden was a woman who gave her life force to heal a wounded knight. To give him her blood, she entered an iron maiden torture device: the knight was never healed and her spirit ended up becoming a ghost that cries tears of blood.

The Iron Maiden DLC doesn’t have a North American or European date but is coming “soon”.

If you’re looking for trailers, I have some but they’re in Japanese;

Cert, Romulus and Iron Maiden.


  • Mauricio Quintero

    Sorry for my English; How many DLCs the japanesse have that we do not?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Currently none as far as I know, but the Iron Maiden DLC will be out in Japan first it seems.

  • Escapethemoi

    This actually sounds cool, might have to pick up Soul Sacrifice again.

    Has anyone run across some sort of a guide for the game? Even tho I bought the game at launch, I’ve had serious issues properly getting into it. Might have something do with my character setup being poop and having my ass constantly handled over to me, ripped into a thousand pieces. Still, I kinda enjoy the game, it’s not the game’s fault I suck.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Just pieces mostly. I’d say your best tip would be to grind your falcon feather to gold as well as each of the “arrow” type attacks (the ones that lock on and shoot multiples). You can own pretty much anything in the game with just those spells.