Gust released more information about their upcoming game Chronos Materia.


It was a world without a single person. A world covered in grand nature, without a single trace of mankind or civilization. That was the kind of world that the young girls have suddenly been thrown into.

Where is this place? What is their purpose of being in such a world? What must they do? How will they return to the world they’ve come from? These are the questions in their minds, as they stand in the middle of the unknown world.

The fate of the young girls will depend on the “time” that unfolds.

Character Information:


She  is a quiet and kind-hearted  young girl and an older sister-type character, but  seems to lack self-confidence at the same time. Iris has made it her goal to become a great alchemist in order to be useful to the people around her.





He is an adventurous young man, and is the type who acts before thinking. He shows leadership during expeditions and battles, but his nature occasionally leads to rash decisions. Time loves to move around and doesn’t like staying put. He may come across as a rowdy, but he also has a romantic side to him.





Primla is a rather strong-minded character with a cool personality and a strong sense of duty. On the flipside, she also has a side of her that is a bit of a scaredy cat, and can get lonely at times. In addition, she can also be stubborn, making it difficult for her to cope with certain situations.





Sion is known for being a soft character, but also an indecisive one. Regardless of his indecisive nature, however, Sion’s analytical ability is second to none, and he makes good use of it along with his calm nature. On the other hand, he has difficulty showing people his true intentions, so he tends to stick to his rather flippant personality.


The Japanese release is stated for September 26th.

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  • Lester Paredes

    His name is Time. Sure, fine. i guess I can get over that. So long as the game is good and they bring it out on both sides of the pond.