Eight tables, one small price.

You may remember Pinball Heroes from the PSP. Initially released with four tables based on the Playstation franchises Uncharted, Pain, High Velocity Bowling and Everybody’s Golf the game was successful enough to have four more tables introduced as DLC in the form of Fat Princess, WipEout HD, Motorstorm and Modnation Racers.

If you missed out fear not! Later today San Diego Studio are releasing all eight tables onto the Vita, marking the third pinball  title the Vita will have seen this year. The now standard leaderboards will be included and will feature a pretty nifty leaderboard challenge where you can pick a single score and aim to beat it. Online Tournaments and Head to Head modes also make the list of new online features along with the option to brag about your high scores on facebook and twitter.

You can check out the video below; trophies haven’t been announced yet and neither has the price (though the video does state $5.99 so you can bet you’ll be paying a fiver or less).


  • Terramax

    I’m sorry, but I played this game just once and then deleted. This game is just obnoxious. the design was boring, the visuals look horrible, there is only one camera angle, which is the worst one seeing as you can’t see the whole table, and the music was terrible.

    A cheap, gimmicky game that deserves no money, especially with the higher quality pinball games out there.

    • Buckybuckster

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Being a big fan of RL pinball, I can honestly say that Pinball Heroes has some of the worst designed tables ever. The gameplay is rather cheap and uneventful. Sound effects are lacking and uninspiring.

      As Terramax says, there are far better choices available to satisfy your pinball fix. Could provide some fun for those with a casual intrest in pinball, all others should stay away!

      • Terramax

        Yeah, after playing the Pro Pinball game, I’ve learnt to be weary of any pinball game that has many tables. The more tables a game has, the more likely the design is terrible.

        Pro Pinball always had just one table, but you could spend months on a single one of those, rather than games like these where you get bored after 5 minutes.