If you missed this awesome platformer the first time around now’s your chance.

In a press release this morning Drinkbox Studios put Guacamelee on sale; £7.99/€9.99 until July 17. The game will be even further on sale for PlayStation Plus at €8.99 (UK PS+ price not known).

Guacamelee is the story of Juan Aguacate, a farmer-turned-savior who dons a magic luchadore mask in order to rise from the dead and save the damsel in distress, avenging his death in the process. It features cross buy and cross save, and was given an 8.5/10 in our review.

If you pick up the game and like it, you might want to also grab the Guacamelee DLC Costume Pack 1 which gives you more character/costume options for playing through the game (and more trophies as well!).

No word on if this sale is coming to North America or not, but it’s currently Europe only.

  • One of the standout titles for the Vita this year, well worth playing. I need to get back into it – Javier still owns me…

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Dude, you need to play it more! Get some mad skills and own that Javier SOB! Such a good game.

  • Jacob Thomas

    I swear to god I feel like bashing the developer’s head in with my Vita everytime I get stuck in a sequence in Guacamele, but the short lived feeling of accomplishment is great once I conquer it…amazing game.

  • Baran Altuncu

    Don’t own the game yet, might pick it up now!

  • aros

    Great game – my favourite platforming of the generation! Difficulty was absolutely perfect in Tule Trees but it dropped quite a bit on the way to Calaca, which was disappointing. Still a 9/10 for me and a must buy for anyone who doesn’t own it yet.