RPG Toukiden to get free DLC courtesy of Tecmo KOEI – available in Japan starting July 11th.

If you’ve got a Japanese account or are reading this as someone living in Japan you’re in luck; Toukiden is getting free DLC from Tecmo on July 11th and 18th.

Following the release of Toukiden in Japan last week for the PS Vita and PSP, many are wondering if Tecmo will somehow give the game some sort of free DLC, similar to the offering of Sony’s Soul Sacrifice and Capcom’s Monster Hunter games.

According to Tecmo KOEI, they have plans to support the game by providing free DLCs. Since Toukiden is somewhat similar to Monster Hunter, what fans can expect in DLCs are bosses and missions. The first wave of content will be released on July 11th and 18th where new missions will be available.

While the game is already out in Japan, North American gamers will have to wait later this year.

Some good news for Japanese Vita gamers in the short term and everyone else in the long.


  • Lester Paredes

    This game looks interesting. Here’s a youtuber who’s doing a ‘let’s play’ for the game on Vita. She’s got a modded one that allows her to record in 1080p! http://www.youtube.com/user/GadgetGirlKylie

  • Alex Simmonds

    What’s the chances of this coming to Europe? It looks really good!