According to Famitsu the PSVita destroyed the Wii U 34,000 units to 5,800 in Japan. Ouch.

BGR have a great little blurb about the situation and the possible future of the console wars.

A fascinating drama is playing out in Sony and Nintendo’s home market — the PS Vita has found a new lease on life, while the Wii U continues flatlining. This could have a profound impact on how powerful Japanese game developers map out their 2014 and 2015 software strategies. During the week ending in June 30, Sony’s portable console found the third biggest smash of its life cycle so far as “Toukiden” sales for the PS Vita hit 127,000 in its first week of availability. According to Famitsu, this lifted Vita’s weekly hardware sales to 34,000 from 14,000 in the previous week. This is splendid for Sony on two different levels. First, a title that wasn’t expected to be a big seller managed to top 100,000 units without a massive marketing push. Second, the ”Toukiden” debut had an immediate and substantial impact on Vita sales. Some of the recent Vita games have been very effective in helping to push system sales.

Meanwhile, Wii U is wilting in the heat of the media hype now surrounding the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches. In the latest weekly tracking data, Wii U sales clocked in at 5,800 in Japan. This is barely 5% of Japan’s total console sales, even though PlayStation 3 sales are now weak as consumers have started anticipating its successor.

The power of the portable machines in Japan is now a sight to behold. The combined sales of Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PS Vita now make up nearly 74% of the total console market. During good weeks for the Vita, Sony manages to nearly close the gap with 3DS — the most recent tally showed the 3DS at 45,000 units and the PS Vita at 34,000 units.

This is setting up a situation where it would be tempting for the Japanese game developers to draft a 3DS/Vita portable game strategy combined with some ambitious PlayStation 4 games for 2014.

People say the Vita is struggling; if this is struggling what’s the Wii U doing?


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  • Undrey

    But in other parts of the world…

  • Lester Paredes

    Sadly, unless Sony continues to release games for the system, this will not last. The same thing happened for Soul Sacrifice’s Japanese release, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Terramax

    Both Lester and Undrey say exactly what I’m thinking.

    Japanese companies may draft some games for the Vita, as well as the 3DS, but if these are uber-Japanesey games, that won’t see the light of day, that won’t mean much for us.

    Furthermore, because the system isn’t selling well in the rest of the world, Japanese companies specialising in games with international, mass appeal will likely still shy away from the system.

    This is good news for Japan, but not for us Westerners.

    Also, like Lester said, takes more than a week of amazing sales. The 3DS sells CONSISTENTLY at its 30-50,000, or whatever, units.

    • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

      I agree. Prior to E3 is prayed for Sony to bring some big guns but they didn’t. …they showed existing games and lots of PS4. They still have Gamescom, Eurogamer expo, PAX etc to announce stuff. A well timed price drop before Christmas along with a couple more exclusive hitters and CHEAPER AND BIGGER MEMORY CARDS (ahem) could lift things. The least they could do is the pricr drop though….with the number of good games the Vita has it would help. Problem is; and retailers are guilty for this, the Vita stands in shops are so tiny compared to all other systems that you’d be easily forgiven for thinking the Vita has no games based om store presence if you hadn’t done your research.

      • Lester Paredes

        I sure hope Gamescom and these other conventions bring something new to the table. And, having worked at a retailer myself, one cannot fault them for not giving the Vita valuable floor space when it isn’t selling. You generally don’t fill your floor up with merchandise that doesn’t move. At the same time, one must fault them (and Sony for not pushing) for not trying to sell their current stock, at the very least.

        • Terramax

          The problem with game retailers is that they don’t stock many varieties of games. The Vita came out with about 30 games, and yet, I only saw half of that on the shelves in stores such as GAME, and HMV, giving people the impression there was less variety than what there was.

  • Justin Konzon

    With Dragons Crown , FF10 hd ,Ragnarok Oydyssey Ace in Japan in the next few months , I think the Vita will sell well over there !!!! Really need Killzone to score well in the reviews for it to pick up in the west but for me i’m really enjoying my gaming on the Vita , just need too share the love : )

  • XtemmA2

    Wii U will be a classic console soon along with PS3 and X360, massive price drops incoming. While the Vita hardware should still be relevant with future software engineering technologies, that memory cards price point will hold. Trust me, i’m a witch doctor.