Looks like a North American and European release of these Japanese games is on the way!

NIS America has earlier today revealed plans to release Demon Gaze in both North America and Europe early next year.


In Demon Gaze, main character Oz awakens to find himself in Misred – a cursed land at the world’s western frontier – with a dark shroud covering certain memories of his past. The land before him contains many labyrinths that hold both treasure and danger in equal volumes.

Without knowing where else to go or what else to do, Oz decides to take up arms in order to hunt down artifacts and eke out a living in this world that feels so new to him. One day, he will have to face his past, but until then, he has no choice but to trust those around him, and in his newfound abilities as a “Demon Gazer”.

This game features a dungeon RPG progress system where players conquer locations within dungeons to access better items and to draw out the boss. It also has high-definition character and monster illustrations, customizable party creation that allows players to choose from more than 90 different character portraits, 5 different races, and 8 different classes, and subclass flexibility where special items can be utilized to gain skills from several other character classes to maximize a characters’ battle potential and survivability.


Danganronpa is set at an elite high school called Kibōgamine Academy which only accepts students of the highest caliber. To this effect, each student has a title in akin to “Super High School Level” . However every year it accepts one average high school student chosen by raffle and given the title of “Super High School Level Good Luck”.

The events of the game are shown through the eyes of the protagonist Makoto Naegi, one such average student. When Naegi arrives outside of the gates of the Academy, he loses consciousness and wakes up inside the school. Naegi ends up meeting other newly picked Super High School Students who also lost consciousness outside of the school gates. It is revealed that they are trapped inside the school for life by a sadistic, remote controlled, black and white bear called Monokuma.

The only way to escape is by “graduating.” In order to graduate, a student needs to commit a murder without any of the other students figuring it out. If the culprit succeeds at committing the perfect murder, then the rest of the students are sentenced to death while the culprit gets to leave the school. However, if the other students can successfully determine the true culprit via a school trial, that culprit is put to a gruesome execution relating to their SHSL talent for disrupting the order of the school.

Danganronpa; a visual novel adventure, will be released under the title Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa.

That’s all the information we have for now, stay tuned!

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  • Escapethemoi

    I’m glad to see the Vita getting some love, huge fan of japanese games myself. Got to wait and see how these games turn out, but I might just buy them anyways, seriously glad to see them localizing stuff like this.

  • Yuuki

    fricking good news^^

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  • Terramax

    Can’t wait for the European localisation in 2018.

    • Kurisu Makise

      It’s coming in 2014 to Europe…

      • Terramax

        It was a joke……. but, on the subject, where is the announcement for 2014?

        • Kurisu Makise

          Fresh out of their press release.