Our own personal Vitapedia is now open for public consumption; not yet finished but quite informative.

We at The Vita Lounge are always working on new and exciting ways to help Vita owners get the information they want and need. This time around we’re proud to say that we’ve been hard at work on an all-encompassing Vitapedia to place all the most important information at your fingertips. Pages will contain details such as release dates, developer, publisher, type of availability (digital distribution / PlayStation Vita Game Card) as well as gameplay, plot, multiplayer, development and reception.

Though we haven’t got everything done (nor have we even completed the game listing) we’ve got seventy-four game pages to navigate and there are more being added daily. If you see something highlighted in red it means we plan to get to it soon, so watch for it – our first priority however, is getting the released games up to date and we plan to focus on that until caught up. Games we’ve reviewed will be up by the end of the week and the rest will follow soon after. We’re aiming to give every released Vita game  a page by the end of the Summer.

We at The Vita Lounge are really looking to create the best resource companion for the PlayStation Vita. In that regard, if you’d like to help you can always throw me an email at kyle.wakeling@thevitalounge.net with your username choice and I’ll get back to you with a temporary password within 24 hours. The more help the better, as we’d like to get this up to date ASAP (we’ve got other projects we’re working on that could use the time, you know ;))

You can visit the Vitapedia by clicking the “WIKI” link on the navigation bar or by clicking the link below.

The Vita Lounge’s Vitapedia

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Kyle Wakeling is the Editor in Chief and Jack of all trades here at The Vita Lounge. A long time gamer and aspiring writer, he's just hoping to spread the word of PlayStation Vita to the darkest corners of the internet - and beyond.
  • Escapethemoi

    Keep up the good work guys! Would love to help myself but at the moment I’m having issues even sneaking in some gaming between work and family without getting completely sleep deprived.

    If you manage to add a page with release dates in a list format, I will honest to god love you forever, have yet to find a decent one.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I don’t have an on-site version at the moment due to formatting issues and whatnot, but this is what you’re looking for; http://psvitagamer.net/threads/complete-list-of-games-for-the-ps-vita.7209/

      We’re working on getting that list (my list) up on site soon.

      • Escapethemoi

        And once again it seems my google-fu was not as strong as I thought it was. Thanks mate.

  • XtemmA2

    I wanna help when i have the time, maybe weekends. But, um.. what kind of help can i offer?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Mainly we’re looking for people to create pages for games; you’d pick a game page that’s not taken, copy over the template from another of our pages (or code from scratch if you’re good with wikis) and fill it in. If you look at some of the already created pages and just follow that idea, you can pick it up quite easily.

  • Baran Altuncu

    I was happy to help out guys! 😀