Holy Amazon listing, Batman!

Just before Injustice: Gods Among Us launched earlier this year we told you that Neatherealm would consider bringing it to the Vita if it sold well on the consoles.

Brought to our attention by Elluin at PS Independent, a GOTY Vita version has been listed on the French Amazon site, citing a November 6th release date.

The superhero brawler, which scored favourably on the consoles would be very welcomed on the Vita, and with the additional DLC included would present great value.

What do you make of the news? Excited? Indifferent? Did you play the console version? Let us know.

  • Undrey

    GOTY edition? But it hasn’t been a year yet, and I don’t think all the DLC has come out (has it).

    I’m quite sure this is true, I think they leaked Jak and Black Ops Declassified before.

  • Lester Paredes

    YES! I like the game, but have always lamented how little time I get to spend with it because i don’t have as much time to play my console anymore! I mean, graphically, it’ll probably suck (like MK9), but so long as it plays as good as the console version, I’ll be behind it!

  • darkknezz

    I am getting this! I just posted this in the Forums as well.

  • Dusean17

    That would be awesome, and a buy for me as long as it doesn’t end up being another Mortal Kombat Vita. 😛

  • PrimevalPanda

    If anyone would be wanting to boost the trophies for this game when it comes out for the Vita, shoot me a message.