Social gaming app not making many friends.

Toro’s Friend Network is a social application for the Vita and allows to you meet new friends, use external social media applications like Twitter and Facebook and also features town building elements, and was released in North America in early June, alongside Paint Park Plus but it didn’t get a release in Europe.

In a post on the EU Blog, Jawad Ashraf confirmed that “There aren’t plans for an EU release of Toro. I hope that changes”.

Any EU readers disappointed about this? To our NA readers – are we missing out on much?

Let us know in the comments – and if you want to know more about Toro’s Friend Network, we have added a trailer below.

Sources – Eurogamer EU PS Blog

  • Lester Paredes

    I haven’t played it, but it sucks that it’s not releasing across the pond. Seems awfully short-sighted Sony.

  • NuclearKommando

    LoL me and many friends that I made through this game just hated it after a week lol We were super addicted then just gave up.

  • aros

    It’s a real shame but I’m concerned it probably isn’t any good anyway. I couldn’t imagine myself spending any money on it for sure.

  • PrimevalPanda

    @aros it was free so all it did was take up space on memory card.

    @NuclearKommando That is the same with me actually, was all addicted for about a week or so and then nothing. Although that could change if they were to ever have trophy support for it. (Which they won’t.)

    • aros

      It was f2p. You could buy currency.