Benjamin wasn’t alone either.

So, it transpired that Thomas not only wasn’t alone, he was not unique as this DLC add-on to the award winning Thomas Alone – which we scored quite highly – tells us within the first act.

The story follows Benjamin across 20 new levels and is set around the same time that Thomas’ AI emerged and follows a similar sequence of jumping, floating and puzzle solving.


If you aren’t familiar with what Thomas is, then I’d question not only why not, but also why you are reading a DLC review for it, but I’ll give a recap. A platformer at heart with a charming story, you control a variety on named shapes with different properties as they attempt to come to terms with their sentience. This is a prequel of sorts, and follows new AI characters Anna, Sarah and Benjamin’s father on their journey to the fountain.

Whilst Anna and Sarah are effectively reskins of Chris and Laura, Benjamin is unique among the shaped characters in that he has the use of an extremely powerful jetpack. Many of the puzzles require you to transport the other shapes around together and with many spikes and water traps around you’ll need some snappy reactions!


Like many other EU gamers with PlayStation Plus, I got the original game as part of my subscription and I loved every minute of it, and once the game was finished I was craving more. These levels are nowhere near as challenging as the last chapters in the original title, nor do they contain any trophies but they still catered to my needs and did make me think a little, and were full of that cute charm.

If you loved Thomas Was Alone, and wanted more when you reached the end then you should definitely be looking into this.

  • Michael Rogers

    Pretty much how I felt, loved the main game, but no challenge and no trophies made Benjamin’s Flight feel a bit token.